“When griping grief the heart doth wound,
And doleful dumps the mind opresses,
Then music, with her silver sound,
With speedy help doth lend redress.”

William Shakespeare

About the Name Tikotin

The name Tikotin originates from the town of Tykocin on the Polish-Russian border. Miriam Tikotin, née Drukker, is a maternal descendant of Felix Tikotin who led a life of art. Going further back, the name relates to a Silesian dynasty of rabbis and to the first Jewish woman author, Rivke bat Meïr Tiktiner (died on 1550? and buried in the famous Old Jewish Cemetery, Prague).

Miriam decided to take Tikotin as her stage name for her artistic career since the formerly large Tikotin clan is becoming extinct and the name is dear to her and has that special ring to it. Miriam Tikotin’s artistic soul owes a great deal to her Drukker side as well; her father is a gifted photographer and painter, and has a vast knowledge in music (and a huge CD collection), though his main profession is pediatric nephrologist.

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