“Music makes one feel so romantic - at least it always gets on one’s nerves - which is the same thing nowadays.”
Oscar Wilde

Personal Background

(or how the singing engineer became the engineering singer)

Miriam is the youngest of four children. Within a few months of age she found out that despite her younger age, she has one advantage - her voice. Whenever she didn’t have it her way, she simply screamed her way into it, frightening her siblings who would do anything to get that baby to shut up. Growing up she discovered that singing is just as fun and liberating as screaming, though a bit more enjoyable (for the listener)… So she sang.

She sang alone or with friends, with the whole family, in the car, on the bus, at school and at work. She sang. She loved music and studied the piano seriously, but didn’t consider voice lessons. It was a natural, fun experience and she never thought of “taming” that skill.

Years passed. She completed a B.Sc. degree in the Technion (Israeli Institute of Technology) and pursued a scientific career as an electrical engineer. Music was waiting around the corner for an opportunity to jump back into her life, and little by little it started creeping in while Miriam took more and more musical obligations upon herself. While keeping a busy job as a hardware design engineer, she found time to participate in several different choral ensembles and play the piano again.

Eventually Miriam decided to take a break from engineering and turn her full attention to music by taking vocal studies professionally. She wasn’t sure she could give up her “nerdy” hi-tech world (which she still feels attached to, especially while working on this web site), but the more she studied music, the more enthusiastic she became, and was drawn deeper into it. Loving music theory and teaching it are leftovers from that “previous” life.

Thus goes the story of how the singing engineer turned into an engineering singer.

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